Power Patch v3 with 30+ features by Ha®®y™

♦♦Get All Cfw features without flashing.....!!!

Power Patch v3 with 30+ features by Ha®®y....

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Original Nokia Belle Refresh,

Tested on Nokia 500

Nokia 500

(Check Ur Platform first b4 Installation....Do not try on other Platform....)


Total items:

"Power Patch v1 by Sir Normas Interruptor™"

1. Belle base pkg_theme effect 4m E Drive

(Copy ur All new theme Effects file to e/effects........Go to setting n enable theme Effect......reboot your phone)

2. Browser cache to E Drive

3. profiles Editor

4. joshlog patch

(U can Change Avkon2.mif [status bar] from E/resource/app......just rename c/sys/bin/AknIncon.dll to AknIcon.dll.old.....reboot phone.....now u can change Avkon2.mif with new'one....after den Rename back c/sys/bin/aknIkon.dll.old to AknIcon.dll.........n reboot ur phone)

5. Kinetic scrolling

6. Send protected files

(sis, sisx, jar, jad etc)

7. tactiles v2

(changed to Tactile Feedback v1 in Power Patch v3 )


♦Power Patch v1.5 by Ha®®y ChangeLogs♦

8. Unlimited Home Screen

9. Restart Key at Power key


10. New windows 7 StartUp Screen


(U can Change it from c/StartUp

11. Bootscreen like Windows

(u can change it from E/Resource/App/Splashscreen.mif)

12. Windows'Xp startup tone

(U can change it from C/StartUp

13. AppRename & Sub folder Enable



Power Patch v2 by Ha®®y ChangeLogs♦

14. Voice Recorder 12@256Kbps

15. Camera Sound Mute

(Now...U Can Mute ur Camera Sound)

16. Battery Level Fix

(Now 100-80-65-50-35-20)

17. ChangeMacAddress

(Just install ChangeMac.sis from e drive & apply Pach ChangeMac.sis.Rmp......now mu can edit ur Mac address from e\ChangeMac.Dat)

(Not for all Phone)


Power Patch v3 by Ha®®y Changelogs♦

18. All Imp Patches


(Apply from RomPatcher)


19. Memory Card Icon

20. 4x11 KeyBoard

21. Fast ScreenRotation

22. DOLBY set 4m Equalizer

23. Unlimited Logs

24. Download Resum Enabled

25. Gallery & Music Folder Search Added

(Delete Private\10281e17 folder in ur storage drive....Restart Phone...Refresh all media)

26. Java Permission Mod

27. PopUpUi Improvement Mod

28. xCap Cache Increase

29. Connection PopUp Enabled

30. Beautiful Widgets



♦Download Links:

Download Power Patch v3 by Ha®®y (1.4Mb)

See Screenshots (381Kb)

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